Apple`s $200 Gift card For Your Used iPhone 4

Apple keeps unveiling more and more surprises since yesterday`s media event. The great news we have for you today is very pleasing for those looking for a good sell for their iPhone. Apple is now accepting your old used iPhone 4 for a maximum price of $200 depending on its condition. All is part of the Reuse and Recycle program under the “Get an Apple Gift Card for your old device” section.

If your iPhone 4 is in a good condition, that would secure you $200 enough to buy a 16GB iPhone 4S for free with a two-year contract.

A quick recap: The 8GB iPhone 4 is now available for $99 as well as the 3GS for free, both of course with a two-year plan. You can also get the iPhone 4 and 3GS without a contract for $549 and $375 respectively.

Traditionally Apple requires a contractual commitment for its latest iPhones and announces a contract-free variant ahead of a next-generation. The case has changed with the 4S, Apple has put a price on both subsidized and SIM-free iPhone 4S. The online stores in Canada list the unlocked iPhone 4S for $649. The UK lists SIM-free iPhone 4S for £499, in Germany and France it’s €629 while Australia has it priced at A$ 799.

Let`s hope your iPhone 4 is in a worth- $200 – condition.

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