Update : Version 1.9.1 released ! Crack is out !!


  • fix the problem that silent not work.
  • fix the problem that the ringtone volume can’t set to zero when slient.

    Download 1.9.1 Cracked : Official

    aTimeTool is an application that allows you to set a timers that allow the ability to turn on/off your iPhone or iPod Touch’s Airplane mode,Power,Bluetooth and WiFi. It is a pretty simple application.

    In each option (Airplane Mod, Power,Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) you are able to set timers in which you can control when each will be turned on/off. When you add a timer (using the + icon) you have the option to make it a repeating timer…say you want your Bluetooth to turn on from 6:30am -7:30am every Mon, Wed and Fri. You can also set up multiple timers….say you want your Bluetooth to turn on from 6:30am -7:30am every Mon, Wed and Fri and from 4:30pm -5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You could create two timers to do that. Or, you can just create one timer that does not repeat.

    Overall, a TimeTool is a simple application and does what it says it is going to.
    It can be installed from Cydia, and the latest version 1.1 is compatible with iphone OS3.0.
    Go to get it and have a try!

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    Notes :

    Previous Version 
    1.8.9 : Official
    1.8.7 : Official
    1.8.5 : Official


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