With the iPhone 5 pre-release rumors, we are always looking for clues as to a specific date for the launch. Another Best Buy leaked photo today yet gives the best clue to the release of the iPhone 5. The photo is an Apple fixture installation scheduled for October 21st .

It was previously mentioned that the new iPhone launch will probably fall in September.However,the month has already started and we’re awaiting any indication about an iphone 5 release event. It`s likely though that the pre-orders will start from September 30th.This date falls on a Friday which line up with the other iphone release days.

Moreover, it is also being said that Best Buy Mobile managers have a big meeting scheduled for October 10th in which they will discuss about upcoming big release. Now this does get us wondering about the iPhone 5 release date which is undoubtedly going to be in October

(Via ThisIsMyNext)


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