Download 0.7-5 Cracked : Official
[FIX] Fixed license not found issue that some users encounterd -due to my bad repacking of the DEB-. Please download again from the links down here!

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher

Animated icons right on your homescreen. These toggles, similar to sbsettings, 12 in total (Airplane Mode, 3g/edge, Wifi, Battery, Location, Flashlight, Data, Update APT, Bluetooth, Respring, Safe Mode, Rotation Lock) are easily usable. You can move them where ever you please and to toggle all you do is tap them. It’s as easy as think tap done! This package replaces airplanemodeicon and wifiicon since it reimplements them. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to send suggestions of toggles to
Configure toggles in the Settings app.

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