The rumors are going crazy. There is talk of big news coming this autumn: some argue that this will be a new model of the iPhone, others speak of a phantom economy version of the iPhone today, others suggest the launch of a new iPad addressed to professional users . What is certain, however, is that none of these devices will mount the ‘ Apple A6 , the next processor model in production at companies of Cupertino.

According to a report of the Taiwan Economic News , in fact, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has in production the new chip from Apple, but will not be ready before the second quarter of next year. Here is an excerpt from the site reported in Taiwan.

TSMC, which is the largest producer of semiconductors in the world, seems to have started production of the A6 processor in collaboration with Apple Inc. The production will be completed by the first quarter of next year and the chip will be unveiled to the public no earlier than the second quarter of 2012 , according to some industry sources reported.

We will therefore wait to see the evolution of processors Apple, which so far has relied on Samsung for the production and dell’A4 dell’A5. The recent judicial events are moving away the two giants of the technology industry, and this is the reason why Apple prefers to rely on a new builder. The characteristics of the chip will be far higher than the current production process thanks to 28 nanometers and new technologies that will be implemented in the processor.

The rumors that they wanted to chip mounted on the next generation of the iPad, which could be presented in autumn and should be used, among other things, technology Retina for your display. If, however, comes out in the fall – though hardly happen – certainly can not have this new processor.

Via | Macstories


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