Yesterday, Free Music D/L Plus has been released by Apps2be. The App downloads free music, audio books and music videos from free sites. And it’s completely Legal.


Free Music D/L Features:
√ Web browser
– Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
– Tap and hold to force download
– Full screen mode
– Bookmark manager
√ Download manager
– Ultra fast downloading speed
– Up to 10 simultaneous downloads
– Download in background mode
– Supports resuming of interrupted downloads
– Download files larger 20MB over 3G
√ Media player
– Playback of mp3, wav, m4a and mp4 formats
– Play folders as playlists
– Repeat and shuffle songs
– Background / Lock Screen playing mode
– Supports Air-play
√ File manager
– Folders and sub-folders support
– Move, rename and delete files
– Video thumbnails (for music videos)
– Sorting by name, type, size, date
– Passcode lock

Screen Shots:

FreeMusicDLPlus 01

The App is available for download on the App Store For $0.99. Click HERE To Download



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