According to a recent report, the Board of Directors at Apple have been discussing suitable successor choices to current Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 and since then the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Can the successor to Steve Jobs maintain the company’s winning streak.

Earlier this year in January, Steve Jobs took an unannounced medical leave of absence from Apple, sparking concerns about his health. His basic reason for taking the leave was that he needed to focus on his health. Since then, people have been worried as to who will be the next person to take Apple’s reins once Steve Jobs bows out.

The report comes from the Wall Street Journal which claims that it is still not known whether or not Steve Jobs is in the loop about the successor discussions the Board of Directors at Apple are having. However, when email to comment Steve Jobs replied with “I think it’s hogwash”

Do you think anyone else can run Apple as smoothly as Steve Jobs has done? After all, Apple was his creation. How will AAPL investors respond to the CEO’s successor? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.
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