After waiting that long – IT IS THERE!

Mac OS X Lion is now downloadable in the AppStore! Thus, the Server-application is there as well.

Just when I came home from the cinema, my internet connection broke. And as a test, I opened – and a big lion head was what i saw – and a new MacBook Air.

So! The long waiting is finally over – and you can download the new OS from the Mac AppStore, with all of it’s new functions, benefits, and behaviours!

Since you can read all the functions right on the App Store page, I’ll give you the two links, and their prices. Please be warned: Mac OS X Lion is 4GB big! So make sure you either got a stable internet connection, or alot of time ;).

Mac OS X Lion:
_Price: 23,99€

Mac OS X Lion Server-Application:
_Price: 39,99€
_Note: You have to install Lion first, to install the server.

Have fun! Write YOUR opinion below!


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