Journal of Communications for the iPhone and iPad renewed [giveaway]

Journal of Communications for the iPhone and the Journal of Communications HD iPad’s new integrated calendar and the new decals. This relates to the management of the relationship (CR M) app like having a diary and includes all of your communications, app society.

· Record all your interactions your Communications; review them to prepare for the next meeting
· Add to dos for your communications to remind yourself of upcoming events and important follow-up steps
· To – Dos adds support local alarm bells, recurring events, and added to the calendar as the iPhone
  • Look at all your records and to dos across all communications, sorted by date
· Was released to the male of your data before Air Print, e-mail, CSV or even to contact notes field as the iPhone
· Call, SMS or email your communications sent directly from the app, and Fled to the Drop Box from one tool, and bring on another of the Drop Box, to convert data easily

The advantages of renewal:

· Integration calendar! Now you can add to your work as a substance to iPhone / iPad calendar!
· Icon badges! See a census as materials for the work correctly on the icon on your screen at home.
  • Badges connection! See a census of the number of records and to contact us by linking to dos. Great for quickly review your list to see who entered the information for, and who you haven’t.
  • Badges on the bar most of the price changes Drop Box is reserved. This will help remind you to save your changes to the Drop Box much.

Good people in zeal gave us a few promos encode for giving you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, let us know how you and your relation to which version you prefer: Journal Communications Journal Communications, or HDL.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Screenshots after the break.

[$ 4.99 for iPhone –] [$ 4.99 for iPad –]
Do you see the app you like on display TiPb? Mailed in Alaketronena, tell us about your app (including a link iTunes), and we’ll take a look.

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