Since Apple and Intel introduced the Thunderbolt high-speed data connectivity standard, the important question till now was about whether the standard would support booting from external disks? We can say the answers’s ratio almost 1:1 (booting was not supported : was supported).

But a report from The Mac Observer indicated that booting from disk would be supported over Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolts speed will make running an OS from an external drive much faster than previously possible; however, it will still be a while before consumer grade Thunderbolt accessories are available.

Note: iclarified posted that AnandTech received a Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt RAID system and confirmed the news on Twitter.

@anandshimpi BTW, can you boot from Thunderbolt? That is the biggest concern of mine atm.@HellhammerMR yep, it is bootable:)

Source: macrumors. and iclarified.



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