Because all of us, play, and infected with fever of Angry Bird, Gear4 offers a line of Angry Bird cases for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They’ll soon add a line of external speakers.

Angry Red Bird Birds Speaker, priced at $ 89.99: works with any phone, music player, or tablet with a 3.5mm jack, and comes with a device stand.

Angry Birds Helmet Pig Speaker, priced at $ 119.99: has a dock that works with iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and comes with a remote control.

Angry Black Bird Birds Speaker, priced at $ 129.99: for iPhone and iPod only,and comes with a remote.

If you are interested in buying them From HERE.
P0sts Fr0m

Discovr Launches Awesome Tool To Find New Apps For iOS (Video, Download):
What a big problem, 400K apps in Apple’s app store + more than 500K have been approved + Android Marketplace has around 300K apps + There are a lot apps out there already, and more hit app stores every day. How you, I, and he can find new apps that you actually care about?
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iOS 5 Features – Download – Release Time – Everything You Need To Know !:
Starting with over 200 million iOS devices and that makes iOS the #1 mobile operating system. With more than 44% of the market… They sold 25 million iPads in 14 months. Over 130 million books downloaded. 90,000 apps made specifically for the iPad. Apple has paid out more than 2.5 billion to devs. Now lets talk about the future of iOS: iOS 5.
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After Surging Past Angry Birds, The Heist Now Selling An App A Second:
Always Angry Birds, Angry Birds constantly held the top paid app spot in Apple’s App Store. What a really Boredom I feel, only tow opposite things make me happy, the first is playing Angry Birds, and the second is reading other apps surge to the top briefly (not for long time).
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