What a big numbers !! Each month in US. users exchange more than 1.5 billion messages, 45 million voice minutes, and 2 billion monthly ad impressions. For that numbers Pinger’s TextFree is one of the top carriers in US.

Pinger, today announced that users of its Textfree for Android app reached parity with iPhone users in just five months, marking a new milestone for the company. To further this growth, the company has launched Pinger Textfree for Android 1.2 with Facebook Chat integration. This traction on Android, which according to comScore is gaining market share at approximately four times the rate of iOS, is vastly expanding the company’s already significant user base.

“We’re excited to see the rapid growth in Android as a platform,” said Joe Sipher, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Pinger. “The fact that it’s already equal to iOS phone users in a few short months is nothing less than stunning.”

The new Pinger Textfree 1.2 update for Android adds Facebook Chat into the Textfree inbox. Instead of flipping between applications, consumers can now chat directly with their Facebook friends as part of the app.

The company expects this new capability to delight its base of devoted Android users, 60 percent of whom choose Pinger Textfree for Android over the native messaging app, despite already having an unlimited texting plan from their carrier.

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