What a great and interest thing, at first when you heard about Intel you may thought about chips and transistors, it’s nothing close to these things as the guys at Intel have created a custom slideshow that takes data from your Facebook profile.

Intel company gives a name to the slideshow which called “Museum Me” the slideshow will brings too many features like your Facebook Photos,friends,videos, places you entered it and too many other features all this come in a museum layout, but that’s the most closest thing you will get it.

All what you have to do is to login into your Facebook account then connect to “Museum of Me” the connection will takes a few minutes as Museum of Me will takes all the information from your Facebook profile and once it done collecting data the sildeshow will begin.

You may watch this nice video about Museum Me :

Will users think of their Facebook friends next time they buy a computer? Only time will tell, but meanwhile, be sure to try this out for yourself.



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