What is exact nature of the problem that caused the delay of the white iPhone? Why the white iPhone 4 was so slow to get out of the gate? All what we have are just rumors or speculation ! With a deep look to this rumors or speculation may leads us to what we mean by a black and white iPhone models that include different cameras.

(1) Cult of Mac’s Leander Kahney, who cited “a source with connections to Apple who asked to remain anonymous,” camera-performance issues were a big reason for the delay. More specifically, the iPhone’s white glass case allowed light to seep back into the body and flood the camera’s sensor, producing overexposed photos.

(2) Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during an interview on The Engadget Show said that pictures taken with white iPhone 4 made with “defective parts” from Apple’s first production run on the white iPhone took “bad flash photos” that didn’t match up to those taken with the black iPhone.

(3) A Japanese-language blog revealed that the camera module was noticeably different from the one found in the black iPhone 4. The white iPhone’s camera lens looked to be a bit more recessed, possibly to reduce the distance between the glass and the sensor and eliminate or reduce the light-leakage issue.

Although all of these rumors or speculation, only what we matter was whether one color of iPhone 4 or the other is better for photo and video quality, No one care about the white iPhone and the black one !

By words, the differences are most dramatic, When adding experience (Photo and video), see for yourself and try to describe the difference. (But use max. resolution)

1- Flash Exposure Tests.
2- Still Life Tests.
3- Sharpness/Distortion Tests.
4- Low-Light Video Tests.

Flash Exposure Tests (White)
Flash Exposure Tests (Black)

Still Life Tests (White)
Still Life Tests (Black)

Sharpness/Distortion Tests (White)
Sharpness/Distortion Tests

Source: modmyi.com and macworld.com and PCWorld.com



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