ooVoo,please don’t ask how to pronounce, all i can say, its video chat client for iOS devices released at last. It supports (nearly) free six-way video chatting for you and five webcam-toting friends.

With more details:
The number of features the free app offers is rather staggering, including three-way (3 people + yourself, 5 + yourself for the paid version) video and audio calls, users without phones can receive the chats in-browser, HD video, and direct uploads of video calls to youtube.

The one catch is that someone in the conference must purchase a monthly plan, otherwise you’re limited to three participants.

The only problem is getting everyone you know to start using ooVoo. That’s made a little easier during the sign-up process, as ooVoo will message everyone in your contact list (if you choose to do so) with an invitation to try ooVoo. Also, users can participate via a web browser if they don’t have the client downloaded or just don’t want to sign up.

While ooVoo does offer a number of great features in the free version of the app, with some reasonable paid plans (adds call minutes, call recording, online storage of calls), so do a number of its competitors like Skype, Fring (free 4-way video calls), Google Talk, and Tango. What all these apps point out though, is how woefully inadequate Apple’s FaceTime is. Hopefully the release of iOS 5 will be accompanied by an extreme FaceTime overhaul.

Subscription prices start at $9.95 per month if you want to use the service to its full potential, but it seems there’s plenty to enjoy without spending a dime. And if you’re a cheapskate who’s determined to have it all, perhaps you can convince someone else to foot the bill.

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