Is it possible or not possible? What a big question ! Anyway, Let us go …
Apple said somewhere and expected to get a lot of cool features in the upcoming iOS 5 that were previously only available when use Cydia tweaks and application. Notice that Apple taking about a lot because they can’t say all as of course they can not bring all of them technically.



Another important point, imagine if the most common jailbreak app functionalities to be already there in the iOS 5 ? Will you still jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device ?? Are you still going to love Cydia ?

Today there are only 2 types of posts around Technology’s worlds:

  • Rumors. say that Apple is going to end jailbreaking and jailbreak community with the announcement of iOS 5.
  • News, say that Recruiting is the only way to stop Jailbreaking and Haching:
  1. The developer of Mobile Notfier tweak has stopped working on it due to the possible arrival of revamped notifications in iOS5. He recruited by Apple. (our coming post). 
  2. The 14 years old hacked on Microsoft’s Call of Duty, recruited by Microsoft.

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Imp0rtant P0sts Fr0m

The Coming Post: Head developer of MobileNotifier Beta 5 (JAILBREAK TWEAK) Takes a BREAK, Joining APPLE?



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