Everyone needs to tote around a few devices these days, but when it comes to electronics cases, there aren’t too many fashionable and inexpensive options to choose from.

With DIY infused in my DNA, I am programmed to create things that make my life more beautiful and fun. Inspired by all of the bold striped patterns and color blocking styles seen on the runway this season, I thought it fitting to make my own iPad clutch out of common materials.

Even if you’re “craft-challenged,” I guarantee anyone can create a one-of-a-kind iPad case in about 15 minutes. Here’s how.

Kitchen drawer liner (Available at the Container Store, Bad Bath Beyond, target – Basically any home store)
A sharp pair of Scissors
Colorful tape. i like duct tape, But gaffer’s tape and even electrical tape will work.
Velcro strips

Step 1: Cut the drawer liner to the desired length. Two-thirds will become the pocket and the remaining third will be a flap closure that folds down over the pocket.

Step 2: Once you have measured your pocket, use a piece of tape to cover, secure, and wrap around the entire front and back. This will seal the edges.

Step 3: Continue to do so, adding pieces of tape around it until you are satisfied with the design. Make sure you have enough tape to keep your pocket intact without large gaps on the sides.

Step 4: Be sure to smooth the tape flat to make sure there are no air bubbles or bumps.

Step 5: Optionally, tape the other side to prevent fraying.

Step 6: Get creative with your colors and design. Add a monogram or try a bold pattern.

Step 7: Once taped, cut and stick velcro as a closure for the case. One piece should be on the inside flap (bottom), the other on the front flap (top). Be sure to line everything up properly so the case closes well.

Step 8: Viola!

Final: Ditch your iPad when necessary and use the clutch for other purposes: a travel pouch, accessory bag, document case, etc.

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