The series of iPhone 5 rumors continue. According to Apple Pro which considered as a trusted-source and has a good track regarding Apple rumors, that Apple repositioning the iPhone LED flash to the top-right site of iPhone 4S / 5. 

The below leaked image shows iPhone 5’s front-facing camera sensor and rear-camera sensor.

Front-facing camera:

The above image shows that iPhone 5’s front-facing camera piece is re-designed, nothing more to tell.

Rear-facing camera:

The back camera sensor also appears to have a re-design but is lacking two critical elements from the iPhone 4′s piece: the LED camera flash and the piece that blocks camera/flash interference. This works perfectly with the apparent fifth-generation iPhone case leak from today – and it seems possible that Apple is actually relocating the iPhone’s camera flash for their next iPhone.

Via | 9to5mac


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