Do you remember Battle Chess? If the answer is no, do not worry. This is a classical variant of the classic games of chess in which the characters, rather than simply move on the chessboard, go to hitting each other and try to kill himself. A little ‘as in Harry Potter in short, a sort of Mortal Kombat based on chess.

Battle Chess will not be back only on IOS, but also on PC and other platforms in the future, according to reports in the Subdued Software. Specifically, the PC version of this game should be available in August or the first week of September, while the version for iOS will be included in the App Store “soon”.

However, at least for now, on the official website of Subdued Software are not referenced in Battle Chess, which, however, should support one of the fundamental characteristics of each title now, the online multiplayer mode, which will add to how “minor” issues such as tutorial, the challenges of skills and many other ways.



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