Gadget M.I.C has released two new images of what is called “iPhone 4S. Probably this name is derived from recent rumors according to which Apple would begin to distribute the game developers for the iPhone, in order to develop applications compatible with the A5 dual-core processor that will almost certainly be implemented into the iPhone next-gen.

However, since there was no report from internal sources that reveals the presence of one of the bigger screen, probably to give the true picture, we face the future five or iPhone to a first prototype of this new terminal currently under testing.

For several months there are rumors that the next iPhone will mount a screen larger than the current (assumed to be 4 inches), but excluding various designs and mockups, this is the first image that appears to show the new device with a display actually larger, although 3.7 inch.

According to the drafting of 9to5Mac the image may actually be authentic as you can clearly distinguish the new proximity sensor, this white iPhone 4, the device has not yet officially available for purchase.



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