I don’t get it, why all the fuss about cloud lockers from Apple and Google? In Amazon’s case, it’s just a hard drive in a datacenter that stores your data and streams your media files – and they don’t even have an iOS client. Big deal.

I’ve been using Dropbox for over two years, which is the ultimate cloud locker if you ask me. MobileMe subscribers can also stream video clips and music (sans cover artwork and song metadata) from their cloud locker to iOS devices using the iDisk app.

Today, another player jumps in – one that you might already use for backup. Mozy, the Cloud backup specialists now have an iOS app.

“With Mozy’s mobile apps, you’ll be able to access your backup files from your iPhone, iPad or Android device,” a blog post reads. The free Mozy for iOS app packs in some cool features.


The program lets you browse and search for cloud files from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Sharing files via in-app email is supported. Photos can be downloaded to your device in full resolution (unlike the Dropbox app) or shared via email or Facebook. I rely on cloud lockers to store my iPhone camera images in the cloud so they automatically sync to my desktop computers. Who needs cloud iTunes, anyway?


Even though Dropbox is currently the most popular cross-platform consumer cloud storage solution, Mozy has been gaining traction lately as well. Subsidiary of EMC Corporation and operated by VMware, the Mozy service works on Windows and Mac machines to continuously or manually back up your local folders. Unlike Dropbox, Mozy also has a professional cloud storage offering for businesses that comes with server and network drive support for both Windows and Mac and greater support features. Both Dropbox and Mozy for home users offer two gigabytes of cloud storage free of charge, with more available as an additional purchase. Via: 9to5.com
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