Well well well, it seams like more rich people can unlock their AT&T locked iPhone 4 using this new method. Paddy has announced that they’ve unlocked AT&T locked iPhone 4. The method will cost you $200.

This guy has a contact at AT&T that will give you the official NCK-key unlock via Apple on iTunes. He’ll give you IMEI and model to submit then connect to iTunes after 24 hours and you’ll get unlocked iPhone 4. You can pay through PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer and etc.

In case you asking about it’s legality, it’s considered illegal due to having to call 112. We’ve received some confirmation that it successfully works. Also the well-known iPhone hacker Veeence has confirmed that it works on a new tweet today.

For those of you, locked to AT&T, @SuperPaddyNL provides an official factory unlock for 200USD

To get in contact with this guy, you’ve to follow him on Twitter and contact him.

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