Do you have problem with signal bar after jailbreak iOS 4.3.1? Do you still wait ultrasn0w fix to update to iOS 4.3.1?  Well, MuscleNerd has just announced that dev-team has successfully managed to fix ultrasn0w , signal bar and more to work on iPhone 4, 3GS after jailbreaking iOS 4.3.1. All issues will be fixed via a new update on ultrasn0w (not Redsn0w update). Dev-team will release the new update within few days after testing all devices

MuscleNerd: The 4.3.1 issues (signal bars, etc) are fixed but need a few days to test all devices + FW (again: not a new unlock!)

Note: this is not a new unlock, it’s only update to ultrasn0w to work on iOS 4.3.1 for the unlockable basebands. (Not supported basebands : 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 / 4.10.01)



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