A great news for ultrasn0w unlockers. @sbingner has made a great hacktivation (unlock) tool called Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) which allows you to legitimately activate your iPhone using iTunes even though you’re unlocked with ultrasn0w. This hack fixes the push notifications and battery drainage issues which means you get the full benefit of push applications, and your battery life increases.

In order to install SAM you will need to have an iPhone 3G or 3GS running iOS 4.1/4.2.1 with baseband 06.15.00. If not then first jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 and upgrade baseband to 06.15.00 (how-to guide posted here) so that you can use ultrasn0w to unlock.

Follow the steps below to install SAM:

  • Run Cydia from your iPhone.
  • Tap the Manage tab and select Sources.
  • Now tap the Edit button at the top and then click Add.
  • Now add this repo http://repo.bingner.com
  • Install SAM and SAMPrefs
  • Now download the latest redsn0w with Deactivate Option (Windows) (Mac)
  • Run the redsn0w.exe and from options select Deactivate (it will remove the normal patches made to lockdownd and let SAM take over).
  • Now Go to Settings > SAM and tap De-Activate iPhone
  • Connect your iPhone to computer and activate it with iTunes. When done a message will appear on your iPhone saying iPhone is activated.
  • Now use ultrasn0w (how-to guide posted here) to unlock your iPhone to be used with any carrier of the world.
  • Enjoy!

Note: If iTunes says invalid SIM, you will need to manually select the appropriate carrier under one of the methods besides “Automatic” and click on a SIMID.

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Via: @MuscleNerd



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