WallRotater: Change your iPhone’s wallpaper every time you unlock it

It is getting bored to see the same wallpaper on your iPhone whenever you unlock it, right ? Maybe you want to see group of different wallpapers whenever you unlock your device. That’s what WallRotater do.

WallRotater is a new recently released jailbreak tweak that automatically changes your Home screen and Lock screen wallpapers everytime you wake up your device. This means that when you lock your device and turn it on again, you will notice the wallpaper has been changed to something different.

WallRotator comes prebuilt with a selection of stock wallpapers which it rotates through but you can also create your own albums in the Photo app and fill it with the wallpapers that you want to use.

Once you install WallRotator, head to the tweak’s preferences pane available in Settings where you can enable or disable it on demand, toggle on or off ‘Rotate Slide to Unlock’ which changes the Slide to Unlock text to a random quote every time you wake up your device as well as enable or disable ‘Rotate Wallpaper’.
It is a great and cool jailbreak tweak that I recommend installing it on your iPhone..
However, the only complain that I have about the tweak is that if you lock your iPhone and then unlock it again quickly, there’s gonna be a few seconds delay until the screen wakes up. The reason for this is obvious as the tweak has to load a new wallpaper for the Lock screen and Home screen. Other than this it works perfectly as advertised.
WallRotator is available on the developer’s private repo so if you’d like to install the tweak, you’ll have to add the following repo to Cydia first: http://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com. Once done, simply search for the tweak’s name in Cydia and you should be able to find it.

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