Just like the iPhone you can increase or decrease your Apple Watch brightness, just in case if it is too bright or too dim. You can actually change the brightness for the Apple Watch AMOLED screen directly from the Apple Watch or from the Apple Watch companion app on the paired iPhone.

Adjust your Apple Watch brightness
Adjusting the brightness of the Apple Watch screen directly from the Apple Watch:

  • Open Settings → Brightness & Text Size, and tap the lower brightness or higher brightness button. You may also tap the brightness field and use the Digital Crown to change the brightness levels.

As mentioned, you can also adjust the brightness of the Apple Watch screen from the connected iPhone:

  • Open Apple Watch App → My Watch → Brightness & Text Size, and use the brightness slider.

So right now you know two different ways to adjust your Apple Watch screen brightness, one from the Apple Watch application installed on your iPhone and the other one is from the Watch itself… 

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