Apple has announced that it’s time for developers to submit their Apple Watch apps to the App Store.

Just last week, some iOS apps began receiving updates to support the Apple Watch from select iOS developers.

In fact, that continued over the weekend as apps from The New York Times, Flipboard and Uber all received updates to support Apple’s upcoming wearable as well. And now, it seems Apple is ready to open the floodgates, as the company is now allowing all developers to submit their iOS apps with Apple Watch support into the iOS App Store. This means that any of the iOS apps available in the App Store can submit updates with support for the Watch, utilizing the WatchKit framework.

For those that need reminding, as it stands right now Watch apps are simply bundled within the proper iOS app that’s run on an iPhone. These apps can have specific functionality built for the Watch, like Glances, but the Watch must be paired with the iPhone to have access to these features within the apps. This is a limited-time situation, though, as a full SDK is expected to launch later this year that will let apps run from the Watch directly.

So are you excited about this or not ?



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