Have you ever wanted to hide specific conversations you did so that no one can see it ? Well now you can simply hide any conversations in the Messages app by using a newly released jailbreak tweak called HiddenConvos, this tweak keeps your conversations in the messages app more secured..

The tweak lets users hide a specific conversation in the Messages app with just a simple swipe and tap gesture. Once you’re in the Messages app, you can swipe a particular conversation to the left to view more options. Normally, when you do this, you’ll view a Delete button only. However, with HiddenConvos installed, a new Hide button will also appear allowing you to hide the specific conversation.

Other than this, the tweak doesn’t offer any additional features which you can take advantage of.

To unhide all the conversations, you just have to tap on the Edit button in the top right corner of the Navigation bar and press Unhide All. Doing so displays all the conversations that were hidden. The interesting part of the tweak is that it silences all notifications coming from conversations that have been hidden in the Messages app until you unhide them all.

After installing HiddenConvos, there are no settings to configure. Simply head to the Messages app and start hiding conversations that you don’t want others to see.

To chat with the person whose conversation is hidden, you can start a new conversation with them. This will take you to the same conversation that is already present while making sure that it remains hidden in the Messages app.

If you are worried about something and you need to hide it so that no one can see it except you, then I recommend installing HiddenConvos tweak from Cydia store for free via BigBoss repo..


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