22 New and Updated Tweaks To Check This Weekend

I am about you but this week wasn’t so excited as we didn’t see much cool jailbreak tweaks that can do a lot of things to your jailbroken iPhone. But maybe it’s just me, because looking at the numbers, there are no less than 18 new tweaks, some of them more “full-featured” than others.

But I’m digressing. This column is mostly about new and updated tweaks, and we have 22 of them in this post today.

New releases

AlipayBioEnabler: enables Touch ID payment in AliPay (free)
BurstGif: turns your burst photos into an animated GIF ($1.49)
Car Tracker: mark the location of where you parked your car (free)
Clone Alarm: clone your alarms in the Clock app ($0.99)
CustomMessages: customize multiple visual elements of the Messages app ($1.99-review)
Diclose: swipe to close the dictionary sheet when defining a word (free)
DIM: allows you to dim your screen even further (free)
DoubleCut: allows you to insert an email address by simply double tapping the @ key (free)
Dye: changes the tint color of a few UI elements (free)
Facebook++: multiple tweaks for the Facebook app (free)
Mail Labeler: highlight emails in your inbox depending on what email address they are related to (free/$0.99)
NoAudioRecorder: removes the audio recording button from the Messages app (free)
NoBarScreen: take a screenshot without showing the Status Bar (free – review)
NoIconDot 8: removes the dot below app icons for new or beta apps installed (free)
PM, really?: makes sure you never accidentally set an alarm for the evening (free – review)
Power Informer: displays battery alerts for any percentage level of your choice (free)
Wake Info 2: have your device speak various information to you after snoozing or dismissing an alarm ($1.49)
WakeTrace: helps you track your sleeping habits and sync them with Health app ($1.99)


FullForce: forces applications to display and fullscreen mode on iPad (free)
NoSlowAnimations: speeds up animations in iOS 7 and iOS 8 (free)
Printify: save documents you want to print as files, send them to Google Cloud Print, and more ($1.99)
Tage: a must-have tweaks that allows multiple multitasking gestures ($1.99)

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