Faces: Add Images To Lock Screen Passcode Keys

There is nothing more better than customizing your iPhone adding a gorgeous touches on it.. So probably what you need is Faces, a new recently released jailbreak tweak that promises to add cool images to each of the lock screen passcode keys..

Faces tweak is developed by Ben Rosen & CPDigitalDarkroom and it allows you to customize passcode keys by adding specific images to each of the buttons. These images will appear right behind the keys as you can see from the screenshot above.

Once installing the tweak on your iPhone, go to the tweak’s settings preferences where you’ll find a toggle that enable/disable the tweak and a ‘Choose Images’ button which will take you to a new interface where you can add a photo to each of the passcode buttons from the stock Photos app or even take a picture instantly and use it.

At the bottom of the settings pane, you’ll also find a slider that allows you to adjust the opacity of the images. This said, the only time that you are required to respring your device is when you enable/disable the tweak and when the amount of opacity is changed. For the rest, the changes are made in real time.

It is a cool and simple tweak for people who like customizing their device’s lock screens..

Give it a try and install Faces tweak on your device from Cydia store for free…

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