Facebook Now Testing Graph Search on mobile with ability to resurface old content by keyword

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook the huge social network is now testing a new feature that would let people using its mobile apps search through old posts from friends by keyword.
There’s no word on when Facebook’s 1+ billion users who predominantly access the service on smartphones and tablets can expect to use Graph Search on mobile, though the report makes it clear the feature’s been in closed testing for quite some time now.
Facebook is calling this feature as an “improvement to search on mobile”. in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg, the feature apparently allows you to find any piece of content your friends or pages you follow shared at any point in the past.
Bloomberg stated that the feature is part of Facebook’s Graph Search product which is currently being rolled out in a limited fashion to some users. Of course, private posts from friends and those you are not allowed to see won’t pop up in your search results.
The company recently stepped up fight against spammy and low-value posts in the News Feed, such as so-called viral content and Like-baiting posts as the one depicted below.

“With this update, we will prioritize showing links in the link-format, and show fewer links shared in captions or status updates,” announced the firm.

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