New ‘Powerful’ iPhone 5s Ad From Apple (VIDEO)

After promoting an ad campaign for the green day, in which Apple reportedly took a dig at Samsung, the company has come out with a new TV commercial for the latest available iPhone – the iPhone 5s – to its YouTube channel.

The ad was spotted during the ABC’s Agents of SHIELD episode and it shows the handset’s ability to transform itself into a tool for people employed in different industries to use.

The ad plays to the Gigantic tune created by the Pixies, and the spot shows iPhone 5s users using the phone to control stage lighting in theatre, play music, create art installations, create movies and more. The tagline says ‘You’re more powerful than you think.’

It’s also interesting to note that this is the first commercial for this handset since the ‘misunderstood’ ad appeared after the holidays. It seems like Apple has made marketing efforts for iPhone 5c and the iPad, the former of which has sold poorly.

Moving on, there isn’t much to note out of ‘powerful’ ad – its standard, like the ‘Your Verse iPad campaign’. More than anything else, it’s considered as a safe campaign for a company fearing to lose the marketing battle against its firecrest rivals.

What do you think ?

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