iPhone 6 Leaked Frame – Thinner Than iPhone 5

In 2013, we reported several times that a bigger iPhone was due in 2014, and now a website Huangiu (China-based) are saying that an iPhablet would be able to match the date of Samsung’s next release, that is May 2014. The iPhone 6 is being purported to come in 2 sizes, 4.7-inch and 5.7 inches diagonal.
The latest leaked images show a frame that indicates the phone may turn out to be thinner that the iPhone 5s. These photos come from C Tech, a Chinese website that specializes in leaks. We can’t make a lot out of it, apart from the thinner frame.

However, these leaks can be taken a bit seriously as C Tech is the same source that leaked parts before iPhone 5s release, and they turned out to be authentic later. Also, do note that it can just be a prototype part. The edges show that Apple is still favoring the unibody construction.

The thinness should support the bigger form factor expected and make room for cameras, battery, wireless chips etc.

The media is of course quick to spell doom for Apple unless it jumps on the phablet bus. Take, for example, a recent write-up by Gareth Beavis over at TechRadar:

I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but 2014 could well be the year that Apple makes its biggest mistake in recent history.
No, I’m not talking about the iWatch – I still think that could actually be rather good – no, Apple has to, HAS TO, bring out a large screen version of the iPhone or it’s going to really struggle to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Countering his notion is Ben Bajarin who reminds us Apple hasn’t become so successful by skating where the puck is. “Apple has customers not competition,” he explains:

Folks claim that because Apple’s competition is doing something that Apple should also or they will lose. Yet what I love about Apple’s strategy is that it is never around what the competition is doing. Apple marches to beat of their own drum.
Apple has customers not competition. The decisions they make as a company are not based around what their competition is doing but around what is best for their customers. Like it or not, this is their strategy.

 2014 can perhaps see two different sized iPhones, but carrying the same internals and design look, but different prizes and sizes. What’s your take on this?

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