New Graphite iPhone 5S Rear Shell Tipped In New HD Vid?

Ok so we have heard just about everything surrounding the iPhone 5S which is going to be unveiled on September 10th by Apple. Among all of the expected features, perhaps one of the most interesting is that the new handset will come in new color options.

Apart from the gold iPhone 5S, which has been backed by several renowned analysts and publications, we recently heard that there is another purported color for the next-gen iPhone; graphite.

However, very few details have been known about this new color until now. There are new videos that the rear shell of the rumored graphite iPhone 5S. Apart from that, the videos also contain a sneak peek of iPhone 5C and gold iPhone 5S.

Jonathan from TLDToday will take it from here.

And here are two more videos with gold one (via 9to5Mac).

Video 2:

 And the controversial iPhone 5C, from six days ago.

 So, what do you think?

Do you prefer the graphite styling over the champagne – pardon me – gold one?

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