One rumor is yet to be confirmed, whether there will be such a thing as the iPad mini or not. A mock up design has emerged on a Chinese website and features a dummy iPad mini with the front glass attached to the devices back plate.

It shows what Apple 7.85 inch tablet may look like when or if it is released this fall. There have been a number of changes to the rumors and there is not one version of the iPad mini’s design.

This dummy model seems to show marking for storage capacity, model specifications and governmental certifications.

There seems to be a small hole located on the top center of the back plate and its purpose is unknown for the moment, although it could be the reset button. However I doubt Apple would put that smack right in the top center.

The volume controls, power button, lock button, rear camera, and head phone jack can be seem although there is no confirmation it is an official Apple part.

The front assembly seems to be made of glass and has bezels that are similar to the previous leaked photos. The front panel shows a display which is basically just a printed piece of paper and on the center of the top bezel is the front facing camera. It also shows the new dock for the lighting connector and the speaker holes resemble those on the iPhone 5.

I’m not really psyched about the new iPad mini however tell us if you are!


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