Next Gen iPhone Bigger 640×1136 Display Confirmed through iOS 6 Resolution Scanning (Images)

Although it`s pretty natural for Apple to work on a bigger screen for the new iPhone to compete with other smartphones on the market, it`s hard to give a clear cut statement that Apple will do so. That`s why analyzing leaked information and doing some speculation about the next gen iPhone specs is a must.

It has been proven through testing iOS 6 on an iOS  simulator that it is indeed being tested on a larger size display devices with a resolution of 640×1136. Those who run the test managed to manipulate the simulator to run at the resolution of  640×1136.

Tests were run using iOS 5.1 and iOS 6 beta. While running iOS 5.1, the simulator increases the space between app icon rows to symmetrically law out the existing four ways on the larger display, while on iOS 6 beta, an additional raw of icons is added to the bigger display.

Although the findings are quite exciting, it`s not a clear cut proof that Apple has indeed taken that path, but it least it shows that the fruit company is hearing us out there.

We will keep you notified.
Source: [9to5mac]

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