BrowserInApp: No more Switching to Safari to Open In-app Links

There is no point behind jailbreaking if you are not going to enjoy the awesome tweaks. A new jailbreak tweak has surfaced and we can strongly say”job well done“.

BrowesrInApp is a new tweak that basically installs an in-app browser into iOS. In case you are confused, applications like Twitter and Facebook have in-app browser, but Messages and Mail don`t. This tweak allows you to open a URL within an application without having to switch to Safari or your default browser.

Once you install the tweak, use it to open links in applications that don`t have an in-app browser. Opening an in-app link will load in a lightweight web browser that load over your current window. You will have an editable URL bar, a back and forward buttons. Easy to use interface and an option to open the link in Safari.

The tweak is a time saver. You won`t have to use Safari each time, It`s available on the BigBoss repo for $.99.

Note: The tweak is useful and fast for reading email notices of Facebook posts, looking at them, replying to a post and then continuing to read emails.

Source: [Appadvice and Redmondpie]

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