How To restore your device to remove Cydia Jailbreak (Step By Step)

Ever jailbroken your device only to discover the jailbreak is not stable and you don`t know how to remove it? Well,if yo did and need to start from scratch,it`s really easy to remove a jailbreak.

In this post, we will show you how to remove Cydia jailbreak by restoring your device.

How To Remove Cydia Jailbreak By Restoring Your Device:

Step 1: Open up iTunes on your Mac or PC.
Step 2: Connect your device via the USB cable. 
Step 3: Now it’s you choice Either cancel the automatic backup or let it complete then click on your device in the left column of iTunes on your PC or Mac screen.

Step 4: Click on Restore, select Backup if you cancelled it in step 3, if you didn’t cancel it, select Don’t Back Up.

Step 5: Your device will now start restoring back to factory settings and Jailbreak will be removed.

Step 6: When complete, select the backup you just created and iTunes will re-install all your apps and setting.

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