Just yesterday we posted an iPad 3 rumor suggesting that the next gen iPad will feature a larger battery and a redesigned screen, and today we have a new iPad 3 rumor report by  Repair Labs (via MacRumors)  suggesting that the iPad 3 contrary to previous rumors, will feature a dual core processor and not a quad core.

We’re also told that the A6 CPU the iPad 3 is likely to sport will include a significantly more powerful GPU — no big surprise there. What is surprising, however, is that our sources say that the A6 will not be a quad-core chip, but will remain dual-core. We’ve previously had heard that the device would have a quad-core CPU as well as an LTE cell radio on-board, but at least part of that story wasn’t accurate.

It makes sense that a quad core processor will up the market competition game considering that Android tablets support a quad core processor, but then again, the fruit company doesn`t plays original.

The report also claims an LTE radio for the next gen iPad, but that seems somehow unlikely. We are still hoping the quad core processor will come to the iPhone 5 rumored to launch this summer.

As for the iPad 3 controversial release date, The Verge has a theory with regard to that. The report says that Apple could announce the next gen iPad on February 29th with the theme” It`s time to leap ahead”.The new tablet would then go on sale two weeks later in time for the SXSW conference, the same way it went down last year.

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Like we always say, these are mere speculations. Nothing is official yet.

Do you find it disappointing that the iPad 3 might not support a quad core processor?


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