iPad 3 rumors have been weighing in for the past couple of days. We heard about the larger battery, the redesigned screen and the better camera and today we heard a rumor about a dual core processor instead of a quad core like we are all expecting and now another rumor has popped up. This one is by The New York Times claiming they have learned details about the next iPad.

According to the report, an Apple employee has seen the new tablet and the Retina display looks “truly amazing”.

From the NYT:

“An Apple employee said that the version of the new iPad that is being tested inside the company is “essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2,” with an improved and “truly amazing” screen. The tablet will include a faster processor, said the employee, who did not want to be identified because Apple is not fond of leaks.”

We have, as you know, heard several rumors about a redesigned screen, but the “truly amazing” description just makes things more exciting.

The Apple employee has also noted that the iPad3 is similar to its predecessor the iPad 2. Well, we have been hearing a lot of contradictory rumors with regard to that. So, we will take it with a grain of salt.

We have also heard a previous rumor about 4G LTE technology coming to the tablet. It might seem somehow far-fetched, We still have to see about that too, though.


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