In an attempt by Apple to bring more appealing features to its iPod nano, a prototype of a next gen iPod nano has surfaced today courtesy of MIC Gadget. This upcoming device will include a 1.3 mega-pixel camera.

This two-month old prototype still has a number of issues that Apple will reportedly address before an official release. For example, the 1.3 mega-pixel cam, the auto-iris lens of which takes overexposed photos meaning, the shots captured appear white-looking and pale.

The new device is reported to arrive in the next couple of months. A 2-mega pixel cam was also tested, but proved below standard.

MIC Gadget claims that the new iPod nano will witness a late 2012 release or early 2nd quarter 2012.

So, here’s what we know so far: the lens aperture problem would delay the release of next-gen iPod Nano, it would arrive late 1st quarter or early 2nd quarter 2012. It will not follow one year release cycle.

Do you think a 1.3 camera integration is appealing enough for you to melt over the new iPod nano?



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