The iPad 3 rumors are getting thicker everyday signaling a near release and today`s rumor comes from the Japanese blog Macotakara calming that, according to sources in the United States and Asia, Apple is expected to announce the next gen iPad sooner rather than later, as soon as early February.

If that rumor is half true, that would mean we won`t have to wait for months now, it would only be a matter of weeks.

This claim supports a previous one by Bloomberg suggesting that the iPad 3 will debut in February in time for a March launch.

As you know, Macotakara brought us a rumor a week ago claiming that Foxconn electronics and Pegatron Technology have begun the process of the next gen iPad production.

We also heard a rumor that we will be getting a Retina Display on the next gen iPad with a resolution of 2084× 1536 while maintain the 9.7 inch screen.

The questions now are more about the specs on the next gen. of iPad. Are we going to see a quad-core A6 CPU? Well, it`s likely, though whether the tablet needs that much power or not is debatable. Apple`s intention to bring quad-core processors into iOS devices has been spotted in iOS 5.1 files.


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