Another Siri craze. We have seen Siri control cars, your home, and we have seen Siri rapping. Today, Developer Hamza Sood has developed a new jailbreak tweak which will allow you to control many toggle settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and much more through Siri. Just tell Siri “Turn on “Wi-Fi” and it`s done.

Like any other iPhone 4S tweaks,they need a jailbroken phone which is currently not available. So, it`s an upcoming jailbreak tweak. However, with Pod2G successfully bringing an iOS 5 untether jailbreak to A4 devices, there`s a big chance we`ll be hearing about one for the iPhone 4S, hopefully in the near future.

We have already seen H1Siri tweak to port Siri to your iPhone 4. We advised against using it being illegal.



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