Social networks in general and Facebook and Twitter in specific are gaining more and more popularity every day to the replacing human communication. Although it`s a good thing to have your own private world to speak your mind freely, this freedom can come with cost sometimes. Facebook statuses and posts, if into the wrong hands, could cost you your job.

A case in point is Apple`s employee Samuel Crisp, who on his Facebook profile, complained about his job at an Apple store in Norwich. Apparenlty he wasn’t satisfied with his position as a specialist and took Facebook as his stress relief.

In one instance, while testing out an app on his iPhone, the twenty-some employee wrote:

 “****ed up my time zone for the third time in a week and woke me up at 3am? JOY!!”

Another instance is when Apple announced it would bring the Beattles to iTunes, it hinted at it with an update on its splash screen saying “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget”. Crisp responded on Facebook: “Tomorrow’s just another day that hopefully I will forget.”

A colleague brought these statuses to the attention of her boss who suspended then fired Crisp. To defend his rights, Crisp filed a claim with an employment tribunal.

The tribunal sided with Apple and Crisp lost his job.

We take into account their position that the Facebook posts were not truly private and could in fact have been forwarded very easily with the claimant having no control over this process.

Watch what you post on Facebook. An enemy might be lurking in the dark.



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