The iPad is wonderful and all that, but it is not without its flaws and weaknesses many of which I expect Apple will address with the next incarnation of the tablet device. However, for those looking to use the current generation iPad as a mobile business tool, Microsoft may be the hero with Docs.

Microsoft and Apple are the developers of three of the most popular operating systems in the world (Windows, iOS & Mac OS X) powering their powers laptops, tablets and phones.
of course nothing of the various iWork for iPad apps can be compared to the real office productivity software like the Microsoft Office 2010, and then the question is why I even have an iPad then. Why not simply use the more robust, more functional, more capable Windows 7 notebook, and stick with Office 2010? the answer of course will be  The iPad weighs about a third of what my notebook weighs, is only about a quarter of the thickness, has four to five times the battery life.
the good news is that according to sources Microsoft is now working on an Apple’s tablet version of their popular Microsoft Office software suite,and maybe in a few days we will use that app.
That means there wil be a armistice between the 2 tech gaints Apple and Microsoft ,and maybe we will see duplicate masterpieces tablets in the future,


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