SGP (Stylish people’s Good Partner) is producing Linear Crystal cases for the iPhone 4s. According to one of the sources who received the crystal cases, the cases are very hard to put on and they come off a little too easily even though they look great in the pictures. The color cases and crystal cases by SGP are differentiated by the transparency on the back and the feel of plastic in case of crystal cases. The similar designs of both color and crystal series gives you a choice to mix and match colors whenever you feel like.

To put on the crystal case, simply hold the back plate against your iPhone 4S, slide the frame over and click the pieces into place. But according to the source, you have to bend and lift the bottom over the top inseated of sliding the bottom portion of the frame into the top which isnt easy. The crystal case comes with a screen protector , logo stickers and lens stickers. You are going to experience no problems with the earphones or ports but might face difficulty while docking your iPhone. Most people buy these cases to prevent damage from drops and crystal cases just like color cases are unlikely to resolve the problem

You can get them for around $25. But those who drop their iPhones now and then must keep in mind that these cases won’t extend the life of their iPhones.


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