The Hotspot Shield app by Anchor free has been available for the desktop for quite a while. If you`re not familiar with it, the app offers secure VPN or Virtual Private Network from your machine to another.

What it basically does it turn any HTTP session into HTTPS offering you securtiy if you`re the kind of person who logs on the internet on public WiFi networks protecting by that your log in details from getting stolen off the internet.

If you understand the point so far, then you`d know why it`s a good idea to bring this app to iOS to protect you against any malware that might infect your iDevice while browsing on a local network or if you`re on your carrier`s 3G network.

One more advantage for the Hotspot Shield app is in the countries where the internet traffic is monitored or blocked like China, Hotspot Shield will work around it.

The Hotspot shield app is absolutely free for 7 day trial after that you have to pay fees.

You can download Hotspot Shield by clicking HERE. [iTunes Link] 


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