Download 2.3 Cracked : Official

Bigify+ is even bigger than Bigify! It can make your icons look blue and icy, inverted and strange, even cracked like pavement. Those are just a few examples. We added a ton of new features like a preview window, a colorizer, and textures. Just look at the screenshots and see for yourself.
* Colorization
* Preview
* Manual Number Entry
* Save your preferences
* Invert Colors
* Skew vertically and horizontally
* 6 New Textures
* Includes 3 preset icon themes
* A custom layer with 28 different blend modes.
* Option to not affect dock
Also includes all the features of Bigify:
*Resize Icons
*Rotate Icons
*Hide Icon Labels
*Flip Badges
Bigify+ Icon Sizing option does not work when SBRotator is installed.
No new icons are added to your homescreen. Options are configured from

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