Siri`s port to older iOS devices has been on the front page for some time now. As you know jailbreakers have already successfully ported Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, as well as connect it to Apple`s servers. Yet the fix couldn’t be made public as it would be in violation of Apple`s copyrights.

The files that were used to complete the port were hacked from a jailbroken iPhone 4S which was acquired illegally. This great-not so great news were a source of disappointment for older iPhones owners.

Today, we are back with some good news. As sources have it, Apple is testing a build of iOS 5 which will bring Siri support to iPhone 4. Though the rumor was limited to the iPhone 4, we could assume it would also include other older devices. As you have heard before, the microphone on the iPod Touch is not as good as that on the iPhone which could be an issue, but all in all, that`s some refreshing news. Hopefully, we`ll get a legitimate Siri port to older devices.


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