Which iPhone 4S user isnt going crazy over Siri`s features?! Every iPhone 4S owner can now have his own personal voice assistant. it`s not for the elite anymore,right? With a touch of a button, you can tell Sir what you want and she`ll follow through; be it a phone call, sending a text messages, reading an email, searching for information and much more.

There`s a pressing question however, wouldn’t the picture be more complete if users can actually call their personal assistant to have her answer instead of having to hold down a button every time you want to ask Siri something. Shouldn`t your “voice” assistant be activated using your voice and not your index finger. Well, we got a new jailbreak tweak for that.

Hands- Free Control” is a widget that allows you to say “Siri” only to have your personal assistant activated and ready for action. That`s more like it, don`t you think? No holding down buttons or reaching for your phone.

In the settings of hands-free control can enable or disable the tweak and configure a filter for the sensitivity of the keywords. Furthermore, can the system sounds and vibrations on or off.

Hands-Free Control is available on Cydia for just $1.99.


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